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What our Libra Families think...

"My daughter has been dancing with Libra for 7 years and 2 of which have been in the dance company.  Laura has been a consistent and beautifully positive presence in my daughter’s life, while encouraging growth and introspective thoughts, something that is really invaluable.  However, I never imagined how much we would have needed that relationship in 2020 during the quarantine. Laura and her amazing staff were so dedicated to the dancers and helped them escape the anxiety and big fears these little hearts were carrying, by encouraging them to come to zoom class and do what they loved to do...keep dancing.  This sense of normalcy was really what helped my daughter get through not being able to see and embrace her friends, family and teachers.  The recital  in August 2020 was done so beautifully and with appropriate social distancing measures in place that everyone felt safe and excited to watch their dancers exhibit what they had been working so hard at during this year. I am forever grateful to Laura and Libra for helping our family get through 2020!"- Michelle McKeon

'Stand up and be Proud’! "As a parent, it is a wonderful feeling to know our children have a place to go where they can feel free to be who they are, let creativity take over and just be happy- Libra Dance studio is just that.  Libra has taught our daughter to love dance and music more than she already did, and she looks forward to seeing Miss Laura and the Libra dance staff every week.  As a family, we have adopted one of Miss Laura’s famous phrases 'Stand up and be proud’ and use it on a daily basis! We can not thank you enough for all that you offer and do with our kids.  We wouldn’t dream of dancing anywhere else! Miss Laura, you should Stand up and be Proud of what you have built within Libra Dance Studio. -The Lorenz Family 

"Libra Dance Studio is the best!!! We have been part of the "Libra family" since the studio opened its doors, when my oldest daughter was just 2 years old.  Libra is truly something special!  Miss Laura, the owner and director, is the heart and soul of this place. She has an inspiring passion for the art of dance, a heart of gold, and a love for children. My oldest daughter is 7 and this year she will dance in her fifth recital. She LOVES dance and looks forward to every class. She has grown so much as a person and a dancer over the last 5 years. Libra has given her skills, friends, confidence, and a healthy respect for herself and others. In this world, it's not always easy being a kid, for my daughter, Libra dance studio is a place she feels she belongs, it is her happy place! My younger daughter is 2 and has been enrolled in the studios dancing diapers program since she was 18 months old. She has so much fun, and feels like such a big girl at dance. She has learned to socialize with other children while developing age appropriate dance skills, as well as following direction and taking turns. She loves the class activities, loves her friends, and we are blessed to be a part of the class. This studio is family run, it is a safe and happy environment for students of all ages to learn the art of dance, make lifelong friendships and gain a sense of independence. Miss Laura is a positive influence on all of her students and she puts 100% into everything she does. We love her, we love Libra Dance Studio and we are honored to belong here."-Nicole Boorstein 

"Ms. Laura has created such a loving and welcoming community for both parents and students alike. It is evident Ms. Laura and her staff care not just about imparting dance wisdom, they are also focused on creating an inclusive environment, celebrating what makes each dancer shine in their own way. Being a part of the Libra Family is something my daughter and I truly treasure - as does her father. Ms. Laura LOVES her Dance Dads and there are no bigger smiles each year at the recital than on those dads' faces. Come join us, the more the merrier!!" -Julie Ott

"My daughter Erin started dance at Libra when she was 2 and a half last summer. She took the "creative" class that was taught by Miss Laura. I was a little apprehensive starting her so early, but I'm so glad that we decided to give the class a try during the summer camp. I couldn't have been more wrong! She absolutely LOVES it, and she just adores Miss Laura. Miss Laura has a contagious enthusiasm for her craft that is unmatched. She handles herself with such grace and ability. She taught my young child to love dance and that means the world to me. The class was developmentally appropriate, engaging, and fun! I know all the little ballerinas loved it and can't wait to return! We had the opportunity to attend Libra's second show this year and we truly enjoyed EVERY SECOND! What really struck me was that every single dancer had a genuine smile on their face. They loved dancing and being on stage and they were all so talented! That spoke volumes to me of the respect, passion and joy that Miss Laura and the rest of the staff at Libra instill in the dancers at the studio. We are truly grateful to have found such a wonderful person to take our daughter on this journey in dance and plan to continue for many years" -Stephanie Conaghan

"Libra Dance Studio has been a second home to my daughters for the past 7 years.  As dancers on the  Libra Dance Company senior competition team they spend many hours a week at the studio.  There are so many reasons why we love Libra. Laura Giacomelli- Huntowski and her staff are not only amazing dance teachers and choreographers, they are incredible role models - helping to develop the girls into young women with integrity, drive and kindness and teaching them that hard work and discipline pays off.  When the pandemic hit this year , and the world came to a pause ... the biggest fear my girls had was not being able to dance. Dance is such a huge part of their lives.  Laura and her staff immediately put a plan in action and without missing a beat they made sure to bring the studio to them ..  every day on live zoom calls ,full length classes  keeping as much normalcy as possible for everyone.  They made sure the Company kept rehearsing and are competition ready.  They didn’t let the season end .  As soon as it was safe the studio reopened with a protocol in place to keep them safe but also allowing them back Home in their happy place. Daily Temperature checks, sanitizing, distancing, mandatory masks etc..  Laura even made sure they were able to have an outdoor recital so that every dancer at Libra dance studio was able to perform.  It was different then they were used to but different is good. It has taught the dancers that you don’t give up- you keep going , just change gears and make it happen! I can’t say enough about how much we love Libra Dance Studio. It will continue to be home to my girls even after they are off to college. -Cheri Riggio


"My granddaughters, Ella and Kayleigh both attend Libra Dance Studio.  Ella Is 9 and has been with Libra for 5 years and has been on Company for 2.  Kayleigh is 3 and this was her first full year.  The Libra Dance Studio is made of a group of teachers that all started out as young dancers themselves, they all teach with passion, care and Love!   The studio is lead by the most loving, caring owner known to us as Miss Laura.  During this past year, the studio never missed a beat, by having Zoom Classes and ending Each session with chat with the girls so they could catch up.  The word quit and give up are not in her vocabulary But hard-work and dedication are.  Our experiences there have been nothing but positive.  At Libra your not just a member you’re FAMILY!- Mary Ellen Heim


"We were lucky enough to find Libra Dance Studio when my oldest daughter was just 2 years old. We loved the positive and welcoming atmosphere that Miss Laura put forth each and every dance class. Miss Laura has taught both of my girls to “Stand up and be proud.” We will soon be starting our 8th year at Libra, and we couldn’t be happier with Miss Laura and her staff. They have instilled a love of dance and confidence in my girls. Libra Dance Studio, Miss Laura, and her staff are truly the best around."- Christina Gardyasz


""I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am for Libra Dance Studio and it's owner Laura Giacomelli HuntkowskiThis special place has been a major part of my 14 year old daughter's life for the past 9 years. Not only has Libra cultivated my daughter's love of dance, but has also given her the confidence to perform competively with her dance team and as a Solo dancer. Laura has created an environment that not only encourages commitment to dance and achieving one's personal best,  but also emphasizes supporting teammates.  In this environment, my daughter has formed lasting relationships with some of her best friends. And when the coronavirus pandemic began, Laura immediately found a way to keep her dancers engaged with Zoom classes. I was so appreciative that my daughter was able to remain active during this uncertain and stressful time. Thanks Laura for being such a positive influence in our lives!"-Renee Feldsher


Dance has been such an important part of my daughters life. The Libra Dance Company promotes each child's individual style and artistry while maintaining the proper technique. My daughter dances from her heart and her technique and artistry improves every year. At Libra, my daughter has received a well-rounded training in many forms of dance in a positive, noncompetitive and supportive environment, But what she has gained from LDCis so much more than a dance education. She has learned dedication, self-discipline and respect for herself and others. She has developed a healthy lifestyle and made lifelong friends.. The instructors in every class have been challenging, and supportive!. Most importantly, I cannot say enough about just how much impact Miss Laura has had on my daughters’ growth and development. She and her staff impart discipline, poise and physical strength  Miss Laura, her parents and the staff have become a part of our lives in a way I never could have expected and I truly appreciate the experience!" -Tiffany Elias

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