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Class Description

Dancing Diapers (6 Session)

This class for our youngest Libra Dancers and a special person in their life. This is a fun filled 45 minutes of music, singing, and dance for both BOYS AND GIRLS ages 18 months- 2.5 years. This is a great opportunity for children to help develop social skills and have fun!! This classes is offered as a 6 or 8 week session and preregistration is required.


Creative Movement

This 45 minute long class for your 2.5 - 3 year old which includes gym, props, jumps, dance,  and “follow along” songs. We focus on taking turns, attention span, sharing, and other skills that they can carry with them to school and home. We work on basic ballet technique while introducing age appropriate moves as they develop. 


Ballet Tap Combo

This 1 hour long class with q mixture of Tap and Ballet for ages 4 to 5. A fun way for your child to experience different dance styles each week while learning age appropriate skills in both the Ballet and Tap techniques. This is a wonderful class which really helps the dancer to learn confidence and independence which is extremely important at this age.



This is the base from which all other dance styles have been created from.  A 30 minute classical Barre will start the class, followed by flowing moving across the floor, and center work. The dancers focus on Ballet terminology and they learn the full classical Barre which are the building blocks to a strong dancer. This class will nurture the love of ballet!



This is for our most advanced ballet students only. Children must audition to be placed in this class.



In this class your dancer will obtain a strong jazz base including; jumps, turns, isolations, as well as many fun and upbeat combinations. This is a high energy class that will have you dancer moving NON STOP! 


Hip Hop

Dancing to Top 40 Songs, all styles of Hip Hop will be represented including; Commercial, Breakin’, Poppin. Locking, & House to create a fun filled, high energy class. This class will give your a great work out while learning all of the fun age appropriate commercial moves! 



A rhythm based class including Broadway and Hoofin Styles. Rhythm patterns will be taught with and without music. This class is a great tool in helping your child understand music, as well as creating their own songs with their bodies.



A fusion of Ballet and Jazz that is an equal balance of technique, passion, and story telling of the songs lyrics. This class is full of flowing movements and is a very emotional style of dance It also allows a dancer to interpret the song using their full body.



Martha Graham created modern dance in the 1920’s - 1930’s.  This style of dance on concentrates on jumps, and grounded floor movements along with improvisation. This style is one of our specialties here at Libra and we offer this style to our more mature dancers. 


Leaps, Turns, & Jumps

 For intermediate & advanced dancers who would like to learn more Turn & Jump Sequences along with advancing their vocabulary in Lyrical, Ballet, and Jazz styles. 




This is the base from which all other dance styles have been created from.  A 30 to 40 minute classical Barre will start the class, followed by center work, ending with across the floor combinations.



This class is for Beginner/ Intermediate Tap Dancers. Tap is a great way for dancers of all ages and ability. You will learn all of the basic tap steps which we will use to travel across the floor and turn into combinations. This class will having you tapping your feet even at your desk!


Hip Hop

 This is a great cardio based fitness class that will teach you the moves you will need to take over the dance floor! Hip Hop class is a high energy, fun filled hour that will have you feeling like a million bucks!!


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