Ballet is the base from which all other dance styles have been created.  A classical barre will start the class, followed by center work and across the floor combinations. 

Ballet Level 1-2

Tuesday 6:00-6:50 with Miss Courtney 

Ballet Level 3-4

Monday 8:00-9:15 with Miss Brittany 


Tap is  rhythm based class including Broadway and Hoofing Styles. Rhythm patterns will be taught with and without music. This class is a great tool in helping your child understand music and creating their own song.

Tap Level 1-2

Monday 6:30-7:20 with Miss Marianne


Jazz is one of the classical style of dance that teaches rhythm, isolations, turns, splits, jumps, and much more! This is an upbeat style that will keep your dancer really engaged for the entire class.

Jazz Level 1-2

Tuesday 7:00-7:50 with Miss Courtney 

Jazz Level 3-4

Thursday 7:30-8:20 with Miss Brittany 


Lyrical is a fusion of Ballet and Jazz that is an equal balance of technique, passion, and story telling of the song's lyrics. This class is full of flowing movements and is a very emotional style of dance.

Lyrical Level 1-2

Thursday 6:30-7:20 with Miss Brittany

Lyrical/Modern Level 3-4

Tuesday 8:00-9:15 with Miss Courtney 


Dancing to Top 40 Songs, all styles of Hip Hop will be represented including Commercial Dance, Breakin', Popping, Locking, and House to create a fun filled, high energy class.

Hip Hop Level 1-2

Monday 4:30-5:20 with Brittany

Monday 6:30-7:20 with Miss Allison

Thursday 4:30-5:20 with Miss Brittany

Thursday 5:30-6:20 with Miss Brittany 


This acrobatic class focuses on flexibility, 

strength, and tumbling for dancers.

Acro Age 5 to 8

Monday 5:30-6:20 with Miss Marianne

Tuesday 7:00-7:50 with Miss Marianne

Senior Acro Age 11 & Up

Monday 7:30-8:20 with Miss Marianne

Leaps, Turns & Jumps

For intermediate & advanced dancers who would like to learn more turn & jump sequences while advancing their vocabulary in Lyrical, Ballet, and Jazz styles.

Leaps, Turns, Jumps 

Thursday 5:45-7:15 with Miss Natalie


This is for our most advanced ballet students only.Children must audition to be placed in this class.


Tuesday 8:00-9:00 with Miss Brittany

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