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Libra Dance Company 

The Libra Dance Company was established in August 2011. The Company is for our most Elite Dancers who are truly committed to making dance their number one priority. The company members are hand selected to represent Libra Dance Studio in our community. They perform at Regional and National Dance Competitions, Local Nursing Homes, 76ers games, community Parades, and much more. Our company consists of four levels; Mini (beginner 7-8), Petite (Beginner/ intermediate 8-11) Junior (intermediate 9-13, and Senior (Advanced 12 & up) Dancers. Company dancers are between the ages of 6 to 18 and train in multiple styles including; Ballet,  Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, & Modern.

We hold yearly company auditions each May for the Fall Season. Dancers are required to dance September through June anywhere from 2.5 hours to 7.5 hours per week based on the level they are placed in. Company dancers are also required to dance 6 weeks during the summer months. Each season we award some dancers solos, duets, or trios based on the three "A's"; attitude, ability, and attendance. We always want to set our students up for success so we need to ensure our dancers are ready for the responsibility that these extra dances bring.

Over the past 10 years, Libra Dance Company has truly made their mark in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York area. We are so proud of the many accomplishments and honors that our company has been awarded!












2023 Libra Dance Company Awards



Backstage Competition Awards


Solo, Duo, & Trio Event

Fly Away- Junior Jazz Trio- “Spectacular Spacing” Judge’s Award, High gold, 1st overall


Happy-Ava Solo- High gold


Name in Lights-Natalie Solo- High gold


Possibility- Kylie and Maddie Duet- High gold, 7th place overall


Bouquet-Erin Solo- Platinum, “Wow” Judge’s Award, 2nd overall, Title winner, Nationals Invite,

Performance Team Invite


What's Waiting-Renee Solo- Platinum, 10th overall


Ultralight Beam-Avalon Solo-Platinum, 7th overall


Libra Dance Studio- Technical Excellence Standout Award


When We're Older-Erin and Leah Duet- Platinum, “Supportive and Compassionate” Judge’s Award, 3rd overall


Mr 305-Julia Solo- High gold


Wicked Little Girls-Lila And Bella Duet- Platinum, 6th overall


Black and Gold- Vanessa Solo- High gold


Remember- Jess Solo- Platinum, 10th overall


Disappear-Leah Solo- Platinum, 5th overall, Scholarship winner and Performance

Team Invite


Iris-Jess and Bella Duet- High gold, 2nd overall


You Don't Own Me-Renee and Vanessa Duet- High gold, 8th overall



Senior Company

I’ll Stand by You- Senior Lyrical- Platinum, 4th overall


Respect- Senior Jazz-  Platinum, 5th overall


Coast to Coast- Senior HipHop- Platinum, 7th overall


What a Wonderful World- Senior Modern-  Platinum, 4th overall


Iris- Jess and Belle Duet- Platinum, 7th overall


Wicked Little Girls- Belle and Lila Duet- Platinum, 5th overall


Ultralight Beam- Avalon Solo- Gold 


What’s Waiting- Renee Solo- Platinum, 6th overall


Disappear- Leah Solo- Diamond, 3rd overall, Buzzer Recipient 


Remember- Jess Solo- Platinum 


Black and Gold- Vanessa Solo- Gold 


Mr 305- Julia Solo- Platinum, 9th overall 


When We’re Older- Erin and Leah Duet- Platinum, 1st overall


You Don’t Own Me- Vanessa and Renee Duet- Gold, 7th overall


Possibility- Maddie and Kylie Duet- Gold, 4th overall


Bouquet-Erin Solo- Diamond, Judge's award for growth, 1st overall


Better Days- Senior Small Group- Platinum, 3rd overall


Fun in the Sun- Production- Platinum, Judge's award for props, 1st overall

Junior & Petite Company
Divas of Hip Hop- Junior Hiphop- Gold, 4th overall

Land of 1000 Dances- Junior Jazz- Gold, 5th overall

Arms- Junior Lyrical- Gold, 6th overall

Fly Away- Junior Jazz Trio- Gold, 4th overall 

Name in Lights- Natalie Solo- Gold, 10th overall

Happy- Ava Solo- Platinum, 3rd overall

Feel Good- Junior Tap- Gold, 2nd overall

Freeze Frame- Petite Tap- Silver, 10th overall

Mini Company

Glamorous- Mini Jazz- Gold, 1st overall

Minions- Mini HipHop- Gold, 1st overall

Hello- Mini Tap- Gold, 4th overall​


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