Libra Dance Company 

The Libra Dance Company was established in August 2011. The Company is for our most Elite Dancers who are truly committed to making dance their number one priority. The company members are hand selected to represent Libra Dance Studio in our community. They perform at Regional and National Dance Competitions, Local Nursing Homes, 76ers games, community Parades, and much more. Our company consists of three levels; Mini (intermediate), Junior (intermediate/ advanced), and Senior (Advanced) Dancers. Company dancers are between the ages of 6 to 18 and train in multiple styles including; Ballet,  Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, & Modern.

We hold yearly company auditions each May for the Fall Season. Dancers are required to dance September through June anywhere from 2.5 hours to 7.5 hours per week based on the level they are placed in. Company dancers are also required to dance 6 weeks during the summer months. Each season we award some dancers solos, duets, or trios based on the three "A's"; attitude, ability, and attendance. We always want to set our students up for success so we need to ensure our dancers are ready for the responsibility that these extra dances bring.

Over the past 8 years, Libra Dance Company has truly made their mark in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York area. We are so proud of the many accomplishments and honors that our company has been awarded! A few of the speciality awards we received this year were....


-Dance Expression's "Staging Award" for all Libra Dances, which acknowledged the formations, transitions, and overall execution of the choreography by the Libra dancers

-Mini Hip Hop won the "Breakout's Crowd Pleaser" Award 

-Junior Lyrical won "Reaching for the Stars" Judge's Award 

-Junior Tap won the "Clarity and Character" Award, the "Beyond the Stars Ultimate Precision" Award, and the "Precision" Award 

-Senior Lyrical won both the "Fearless" and "Beautiful Feeling" Awards 

-Senior Jazz won "The Tony" Judge's Award 

-Senior Hip Hop won the "Commitment to the Bit" Award  and the "You Better take a Picture" Award 

-Miss Laura won the "Director's Choice Award" along with a $399 voucher to attend any 2019 Intensive at the Dance Life Teacher Retreat in Boston Massachusetts.

2019 Libra Dance Company Awards


Breakout 2019 Awards

Mini Dances- Novice Division

Mini Hip Hop- Platinum, 1st Overall Beginner Large Group Ages 7-9, & Breakout's Crowd Pleaser Award 
Mini Jazz- High Gold & 3rd Over all Beginner Small Group ages 7-9

Junior Dances- Intermediate Division 
Junior Jazz-  High Gold & 8th Overall Intermediate Small Group ages 7-9
Junior Lyrical-  Gold & 10th Overall Intermediate Small Group ages 10-12
Junior Hip Hop- High Gold & 7th Overall Intermediate Small Group Age 10-12
Junior Tap- Platinum, 1st Place Intermediate Tap Small Group, 2nd Overall Intermediate Small Group age 7-9, and "Clarity and Character" Judge's Award

Senior Dances- Advanced Division
Senior Hip Hop- Platinum & "Commitment to the Bit" Judge's Award
Senior Jazz-  High Gold
Senior Modern- Platinum & 10th Overall Advanced Large Group Age 13-15
Senior Lyrical- Platinum,"Change Of Pace" Judge's Award, & 9th Overall Advanced Large Group Age 13-15

Senior Tap- High Gold & "Terrific Transitions" Judge's Award

Specialty Numbers- Advanced Division

Julia Solo-High Gold

Maia Solo- High Gold

Jeneva Solo- High Gold

Gia Solo- High Gold

Isabella Solo- Gold

Lila Solo- High Gold

Amanda Solo- Gold

Alaina Solo- High Gold

Brooke Solo- High Gold

Leah Solo-  High Gold and "Firecracker" Judges Award

Finley Solo- High Gold, 1st in Hip Hop 10-12 Intermediate Category, and 8th Overall.

Maddy Solo- High Gold & "Light as a Feather" Judge's Award

"Dancing On My Own" Small Group Modern- Platinum

"I'll Keep You Safe" Contemporary Trio- Platinum & 5th Overall Advanced Duo/Trio Age 16-20

"Total Request Live" Small Group Hip Hop- High Gold & Breakout's Entertainment Award


Beyond the Stars 2019 Awards

Mini Dances
Mini Hip Hop- High Gold, 4th Overall Large Groups age 7-9, and Beyond The Stars Ultimate Crowd Pleaser Award
Mini Jazz- High Gold and 2nd Overall Small Group age 7-9


Junior Dances
Junior Jazz- High Gold
Junior Hip Hop- Platinum, "Hit It Hard" Judge's Award, & 9th Overall Small Group age 10-12
Junior Tap- Platinum, Beyond The Stars Ultimate Precision Award, & 5th Overall Small Group Age 7-9
Junior Lyrical- High Gold

Senior Dances

Senior Jazz- Platinum
Senior Lyrical- Platinum, 10th Overall Large Group Age 13-15, and "Fearless" Judge's Award 
Senior Modern- Platinum
Senior Hip Hop- Platinum and 1st Place Hip Hop Small Group

Senior Tap- Platinum, 1st Place Small Group Tap age 10-12, and 1st PLACE OVERALL SMALL GROUP age 10-12

Specialty Numbers

"Dancing On My Own" Small Group Modern- Platinum & "The Cannon Queens" Judge's Award

"Total Request Live" Small Group Hip Hop- Platinum, 2nd Place Hip Hop Small Group, "Rich In Personality" Judge's Award, and 3rd Overall

"I'll Keep You Safe" Contemporary Trio- Platinum 

Jeneva Solo- Platinum 

Leah Solo- Platinum 

Amanda Solo- Platinum and 2nd Place Modern Solo

Isabella Solo- High Gold

Gia Solo- Platinum, 1st Place Tap Solo age 10-12, & 7th Overall Solo age 10-12 

Lila Solo-Platinum, 1st Place Hip Hop Solo age 10-12, "Ari Swag" Judge's Award, All Star Performer Open Number Invitation to Nationals, & 4th Overall Solo age 10-12

Julia Solo- Platinum & 8th Overall Solo age 10-12

Finley Solo- Platinum, "Stand Out Solo" Award, and 8th Overall Solo age 10-12 

Maia Solo- Platinum and "Musicality Master" Judge's Award

Brooke Solo- High Gold

Maddy Solo- Platinum 

Erin Solo- Platinum

Alaina Solo- Platinum & All Star Performer Open Number Invitation to Nationals

Dance Expressions 2019 Awards


 Dance Expressions Awards
from the Competition Director

We are proud to announce that Libra Dance Studio received the "2019 Dance Expression's Staging Award" for all Libra Dances 

The Diane Drewitt Memorial Award was awarded to Alaina Fasano's Solo Routine . This award is given to one routine in honor of Cathy's (competition director) late mother. Alaina was also award a full scholarship to the 2020 Convention along with this award

The Director's Choice Award was given to Mrs. Laura Giacomelli- Huntowski. This award also came with a $399 voucher to attend any 2019 Intensive at the Dance Life Teacher Retreat in Boston Massachusetts. 
We are so proud of all of our dancers and Libra families! Thank you for a wonderful season!

Mini Dances

Mini Hip Hop- Elite Silver & "Hottest Hip Hop" Judge's Award
Mini Jazz- Gold and 1st Overall Beginner Small Group Age 7-9

Junior Dances

Junior Hip Hop- Gold, "Hottest Hip Hop" Judge's Award, and Tie for 1st Place Overall Intermediate Small Group Age 9-10
Junior Tap- Gold and "Precision" Judge's Award
Junior Jazz- Gold and "Beautiful Formations" Judge's Award
Junior Lyrical- Gold, "Reaching for the Stars" Judge's Award, and Tie for 1st Place Overall Intermediate Small Group age 9-10 


Senior Dances

Senior Hip Hop- Gold, "You Better Take a Picture" Judge's Award
Senior Jazz- Elite Gold, "The Tony" Judge's Award, & 1st Place Overall Large Group Age 15-16
Senior Modern- Gold & "Reach For The Stars" Judge's Award
Senior Lyrical- Elite Gold, "Beautiful Feeling" Judge's Award, 1st Overall Large Group 13-14, & Highest SCORING ROUTINE age 13-14

Senior Tap- Elite Gold, "Class Act" Judge's Award, & 1st Overall Small Group Age 13-14

Speciality Numbers

Jeneva Solo- Elite Gold, "Jaw Dropping Performance" Judge's Award, & 1st Place Overall age 15-16 Solo
Leah Solo- Elite Gold & "Reach for the Stars" Judge's Award
Amanda Solo- Gold
Isabella Solo- Gold
Gia Solo- Gold
Lila Solo- Gold
Julia Solo- Gold
Maia Solo- Elite Silver
Brooke Solo- Elite Gold
Maddy Solo- Elite Gold & "Beautiful Feeling" Judge's Award
Erin Solo- Gold
Alaina Solo- Elite Gold, "The WOW" Judge's Award,The Diane Drewitt Memorial Award, and a full scholarship to the 2020 Dance Expressions Convention 
Finley- Gold, "You Nailed It" Judge's Award, and 1st Overall Intermediate Solo age 10-12
"Dancing On My Own" Small Group Modern- Elite Gold, "Beautiful Formations" Judge's Award, & 1st Place Overall Small Group age 15-16
"Total Request Live" Small Group Hip Hop- Elite Gold, "Hottest Hip Hop" Judge's Award and 1st Overall Small Group age 10-12
"I'll Keep You Safe" Contemporary Trio- Elite Gold, "Reach For the Stars" Judge's Award & 1st Place Overall Duo/ Trio Age 15 & Up