Summer 2020 Coming Soon 

Open Studio Classes:




Company Classes:By Audition Only






6 Week Summer Session

-Class run Monday July 8th through Thursday August 15th

-Dancers are welcome to make up classes when missed for vacation.

-Classes can be canceled due to low enrollment.


Company Requirements

Mini: Mini Ballet  along with either Mini Hip Hop, Tap, or Jazz

Junior: Ballet, Leaps, & Hip Hop

Senior: Ballet, Leaps, & Contemporary

6 Week Summer Tuition


Up to 1 Hour per Week- $90

Up to 1.5 hour Per Week- $130

Up to 2 Hour Per Week- $168

Up to 2.5 Hours Per Week- $210

Up to 3 Hours Per Week- $243

Up to 3.5 Hours Per Week- $283.50

Up to 4 Hours Per Week-$318

Up to 4.5 Hours per Week- $357.75

Up to 5 Hours per Week- $390

Up to 5.5 Hours per Week - $429

Up to 6 hours Per Week- $450

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